This is my personal history of why I choose as I did and why I recommend this opportunity to you.

There is a branch organisation and you should have a look before you decide where to enter and hand in your dreams Press Here

The best opportunity at hand according to the network industry here

Hi there! My name is Hannika Oberg, I´m a networker fan. I love what I do and I´m here to tell you a little more about my why. I love to call me a ProSumer and living my Dream.

Shopping community or Living a Life Style that is what I choose for good in this time when it is so important to create an alternative economy.

all of us recommend what is good. It is no effort, just normal.

Remember noone can walk the path towards Personal Development for you. What we can do is to show you the shortcuts, we can inspire you and tell you what to avoid if you are willing to let us!

The number one in Personal Development still is as actual as when he was alive. I adore this man who has helped millions of people around the World to achieve their goals. I have so much to thank this genius. If you dont know him yet, let me please introduce you to one of the most special person I have ever met, eventhough only in his videos and books.

the mr Napoleon Hill; How to grow rich

As a new Networker you should make sure you listen to these gurus presented on this webb. As often as you have a possibility you should put on one chapter and little by little you will grow. We say that the normal is to have a process of between 2-5 years before you are ripe to go out and tell the others about your discovery. The smartest thing is to Live Your Dream. When others see you manage to do what they can´t they will ask you how you do it. That is the time when you should start to talk to your people not before

I choose to work with what I consider to be the best in terms of values and social work, I also choose the enterprise with a very good product and leaders.