What is a Social Net worker and why is it interesting?

Low risk, let you achieve passive income, side income, the only possible way for a worker to obtain freedom, a fair business, the only business where woman gain more than man. 

Around the World we see Network everywhere. People form a net and partly connect with each others and at the same time alone.

Have you heard about the fact that it is possible to be two and at the same time one. Yes it is the truth when you start to walk or climb a mountain. 

We see Network everywhere. Today we can also earn money in Network. It is basically three types of areas and they work slightly different. One is simply Network, you build a network and market a service, product or lifestyle.  Another one is MLM, also called Multi Level Marketing. This is a similar idea, the net worker build a net as well but is now more focused on the % and money earned in each level. Different enterprises have their compensation plan. Some build network only with few people in the first line and therefor the net becomes deep so to say. There are other enterprises who have a wider net and the compensation get more efficient with more people coming in on a steady path. 

There is a third part that is also a networking enterprise and these are the ones called Direct Selling companies