My Dream was and is to fill up this World with happy loving people who live and share and grow as Souls we are in the end of the day.

People who know me well say I´m an entrepreneur and dreamer. I agree. It is beautiful when you realize you finally live your dream and have things to share to the others. 

I had a dream as a teenager to become a writer. Now you can read my books. You can find them on Amazone or in book shops online in Sweden. Press the links if you are interested.

Another of my dreams were to live close to the sea, to travel and not be fixed in one place. To have children, and to help human kind to become better, wiser and more loving. 

Today I live my Dream, I am fully happy and full fill my dreams. I love to help others grow. I share my experience go give shortcuts to the ones I mentor and coach. I always make sure I have a coach myself. Growing is part of my everyday. 

You are welcome to find out some more about my ways Here