What is Fun & Reco? It means we create in FUN and FAIR, we want all that we do and create together shall meet these two words. 

Kul & Reko is a platform for meeting and networking. In an innovative solution-focused, bridge-building forum, where we can do more for more people. You are welcome as a member  or subscribe for free

In a new spirit of World Citizens, without preconceived notions, we want to create a forgotten value based on respect and trust in each other. We must dare to believe that each of us can be involved in creating new paths, forms and ways. Do you feel safe and satisfied with what society looks like today? Do you feel that society includes you and yours, that you get paid for your hard work and that you can safely wait for the autumn of your pension? Maybe you, like many others, have begun to see how many have slipped out and are living on little or nothing at all?

We believe in TEAM, Brother and Sisterhood and that we are all ONE and that we should be helped more in the time we live in. We have always been helpful and it has been shown too many times used by less OK people. For example, look at what is happening to our elderly.

Unworthy of a decent and OK generation that has built up our society. All the mistrust that exists between people today is unsustainable.

Under one roof. CULTURE, Entrepreneurship, Development, Coaching, Employment Service, we only assume the word REKO because we all want to be OK, right?

So far, we have a variety of activities such as; Language workshop, Language Coaches, Language building activities. We welcome Digital members and non-members to follow us, share us and above all come with us!

… We collaborate with non-profit organizations:

We highlight RekoRetreat as an easy way to get out of our paradigm and learn more about what we have no idea we have no idea about. Contact is important for us to make each other visible and the good things that work in the new modern age. When we get outside our comfortable area, it is easier to look beyond our personal limitations

CulturEvent and Coaching are more interesting than ever. To combine Events with invited guests in culture, lecturers and role models in Health, Modern Economics and Culture. That everyone should have a place at an Event is a prerequisite. Activities for the little ones, the little ones, the young, the elderly and the old.

Everyone likes to have FUN.  CULTURE is COOL. To meet and discover each other and COOL Innovative fair paths.