I can simply just tell you my story. It is so much I learnt from the others. I often noticed I didn´t accept to learn and had no need to change but once the work was done I was so grateful. Today I don´t put any resistance to change. I know it is always for the better. 

As a Coach you mirror each other. A good coach will know simply because the person has already gone the journey. 

Teaching is completly different. I have taught for so many years, here you inspire and control show ways. Nobody can teach anyone anything except inspire and show the things to learn. When the student realize there is something interesting and good in what you teach the student will start learning and the progress and process is starting.

As a multi person I can teach or coach you in my areas. You can also read my books to get more information. 

The most important for me is to get to know you and hear what you need in your life. You can Book a Free 15 min with me HERE